Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Between a rock and a hard place #ThinkingAloud

Did I have a choice, I wonder today.
A rock and a hard place… Did I want a choice?

Am I happy I didn’t have a to choose?
It is so much easier to blame Destiny or God or whoever/whatever it is that you turn to.

Blame is the wrong word, I think.
It is a weight off your shoulder to have the responsibility of the choice taken away from you.

After all, who knows how much harder a rock could have been and how much rockier the hard place could be.
Is the hardness always lesser on the other side of the choice?

Smile at night
-meant to be…

©Nimi Arora

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  1. I love the thought " is the hardness lesser on the other side of the choice" - very very deep lines and set me on a thinking spree. Kudos

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