Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Proximity can be the game changer

"You are sandalwood, and I am the poor castor oil plant, dwelling close to you.
From a lowly tree, I have become exalted; Your fragrance, Your exquisite fragrance now permeates me."

Proximity can be the game changer. 
As I was growing up, the term 'buri sangat' was often mentioned, when I was getting a lecture on the importance of having the right kind of friends.

'Buri Sangat' literally translates into 'Bad Company'. 
Right from sitting in the class with students who are studious, to staying away from the ones with bad habits in life, this term covers it all.
I have argued over it, I have been unhappy with it, but over the years what I have realised is that the problem is not with the concept, but with the identification of what comprises this 'buri sangat'.

People around us create an aura, and given enough time, it permeates us.

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